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Golf is often regarded as boring and slow, either too technical or too hard. Think about it for a minute? Does that now resinate with you. Golf has been crying out for a fun an entertaining format that everyone can enjoy. Monsterball is that format.

There are no birdies or bogeys, just excess clubhead speed as it launches a little white ball into the distance some 300+m away.  Man v Man, Power v Power, the only thing standing in the way is the distance between your ball and your opponents. This form of the game is explosive, exciting and exhilarating not to mention the entertainment factor and party atmosphere that promises to attract fans in a variety of age groups.

So if you love golf and you want to party then come and join the “Monsterball Party”

Driving Drag Race

In a world first for golf Monsterball has introduced a driving event that allows competitors of all ages to compete on a level playing field. This event is called the DRIVING DRAG RACE. We use a handicap system for golf and now we have a handicap system for a driving competition.

How it works:

The DRIVING DRAG RACE allows competitors to nominate a distance they believe they can achieve and the closest to their nominated distance wins. It’s that simple.

For example if player 1 nominates a distance of 210m and hits the ball 215m they would beat player 2 if they nominated a distance of 320m and hit it 350m. This event now allows the regular golfer to go head to head with a longdrive professional and win.

At present these DRIVING DRAG RACE events are run alongside the main Monsterball tour events and have been seen at the 2012 Australian Open and Australian PGA Championship events. Look for the official Monsterball Launch Zone at these venues to compete.

Already  this format has proved to be entertaining and winners have come from all walks of life including junior girls to retired gentlemen with a 36 handicap.

If you would like to get involved in this new format then keep watching this site for more information on where to compete in the DRIVING DRAG RACE and enjoy the thrill of Monsterball.

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